Something to think about during Lockdown!

For Girton residents. Entries accepted from 1st November 2020 (and continuing into 2021)

Winter is fast approaching and again we are ‘locked down’ because of the Covid-19 virus.  In an effort to do something positive during this lockdown and during possible bad winter weather we thought it might be good to reminisce.  At Club-55 Girton we would like to collect memories of bygone days from the older residents of Girton.

You don’t have to belong to Club-55, or to have been born and brought up in Girton. What we are looking for are personal recollections of your early years – home, school, family, food, transport, work, play and any other fascinating accounts from your young lives. Were you brought up during the war years?

You may already have started on your memoirs – send them along! Or you might like to jot down a paragraph or two about your early exploits and about life as it used to be. Or we can arrange for someone to telephone you to take notes or record your memories. Or perhaps a family member could help you write or record your memories and submit them.

For younger folk, it might be mutually rewarding to reminisce with Grandmother or Grandfather and hear about life before wifi and tv. We will be interested to hear every set of memories offered. Please give it a go – let’s see what develops.

We plan to share all the memories amongst all who contribute in one form or another. Who knows, it might even turn into a book!

Younger Girtonians, if you have an elderly relative tell them about this venture, and if they would like to take part, please put them in touch with us so we can save these precious memories. It could be so beneficial to chat across the generations, and it could relieve loneliness and boredom and contribute to mental welfare.

Please send your finished memoirs in long-hand, printed text, recorded messages, or requests for telephone chats, to Sam Clift who will collect and collate the stories. More information will be available in December’s Girton Parish News.

Let’s get this off to a good start – we can do it.

Email: or Tel: 07850740721

For submitting hand-written or printed matter, ring Sam for a postal or delivery address or to arrange collection; or speak to Patricia Johnston, our Older Residents Coordinator.