Covid-19 Virus Cancelled events

Club 55 – Girton

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

All functions cancelled.

Dear Member,

It is with regret that I circulate this letter concerning the spread of the very virile Covid-19 virus in this country and around the world. Your Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer have considered very carefully over the last few days facts about the spread of this virus. They have come to the conclusion that it would be foolhardy of them as Officers of Club 55 – Girton not to take steps to ensure the safety of the club’s members.

The age group of our members is the one most likely to be seriously harmed or killed by this virus. We would feel extremely saddened, if as a result of our continued meetings and functions, our members were harmed in any way.

We have therefore come to the following conclusion:

All Club 55 – Girton functions will cease after our Computer Group meeting on Monday 16th March 2020 and will not resume until this health emergency has passed.

  1. Our Film Club and Fish and Chips planned at the William Collyn Community Centre on the 19th March 2020 is cancelled.
  2. Our Lunch at Abbeyfield on 25th March 2020 is also cancelled.
  3. Our Monday morning Computer Group meetings at St Vincent’s Close Community Centre are cancelled until further notice.

All monies paid for these events will be returned as soon as possible. Cheques issued to Club 55 – Girton will not be cashed but will be returned; those who have paid via BACs or cash will also receive their money back in due course.

I am sure that you will understand our reasons for these cancellations.

Wishing you all the very best of health.

Sam Clift, Secretary Club 55 – Girton

On behalf of Graham Clare, our Chairman, and Graham Jones, our Treasurer